Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing for NZ Businesses

We put together effective, professional content marketing strategies for New Zealand businesses. From blogging to Youtube, great content can bring you a solid stream of warm, "pre-sold" potential customers.

It's no secret that most customers in most markets avoid ads. While direct marketing via advertising can still be incredibly effective (done right), there's an easier way to get your foot in the door with many potential customers online: content marketing. Great digital content pulls in users and offers them something valuable for free, creating a sense of reciprocity and "pre-selling" your products and services. A great content strategy also helps you achieve more rankings across a wider range of search terms on Google, sending more targeted traffic your way.


A web content strategy incorporating blogging, video and other digital media can allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level than aggressive ads and "hard selling." Combined with an effective email campaign, this type of "relationship selling" can produce a very impressive ROI. Our content marketing services will also help you stand out and get noticed amongst a sea of competitors and give your current customers and raving fans good reasons to share links to your website, creating a viral marketing effect.

Whether you need consumer-focused or B2B content marketing strategy, our services can help you achieve the brand exposure and sales increases you're chasing.

Blogging Strategy

Deliver timely, valuable free content to your market. A great company blog gives you a lot more content to rank with in Google for a broader range of keywords, and helps warm up new visitors to your products.

Email Campaigns

Not every visitor to your website is ready to buy right away. Capture email addresses and build relationships over time with valuable, persuasive email content marketing.

Content Strategy

Get a bird's eye view, big picture plan for how you'll use blogging, video and other content to get in front of your audience and warm them up to your brand.

Video Marketing

Hands down one of the most powerful ways to grab attention and engage your audience online - video content marketing should be part of any serious digital marketing plan.

Press Releases

Gain exposure, build valuable inbound links and get your name out there by releasing newsworthy press release content.

Downloadable Content

Downloadables, such as free ebooks and reports, can go a long way towards helping you grow your subscriber list and giving prospects a "free taste" of what you have to offer.

When it comes to content, there's one rule: don't be boring. "Me too" content doesn't cut it. We develop creative, engaging content that will really get attention and drive visitors to your website.

Effective Copyrighting

What's more, we know just how to pre-sell and persuade online users in different stages of the process from being a stranger to becoming a customer - so prospects will always get the right message, at the right time.

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Rank higher for more search terms on Google, engage your visitors, and pre-sell your products and services via a professional content marketing strategy.


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