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Improve Google Rankings & Traffic in Auckland, NZ

Is your website not showing up in Google? There are two ways we can help improve Google rankings and traffic for your Auckland business.

A lot of Auckland business owners come to us scratching their heads in frustration due to the fact that they can't find themselves on Google - sometimes even for their own brand name! If you're struggling with search visibility, you have two main pathways to fixing the problem (they work best when done at the same time).

Method #1: Organic Search Engine Optimisation
The first method for improving your Googel traffic is called search engine optimisation, or SEO - this is the process of improving your position in Google's free search results.

With organic traffic, you don't pay for each individual click - however, it can take several weeks or months to see a result, depending on the starting point of your website. It's slow to get started, but the long-term ROI works out a lot better than Pay Per Click ads.
Method #2: Pay Per Click Google Ads

The other way to drive more Google traffic to your website is to run Pay Per Click ads through Google Ads.

This method has the huge benefit of providing instant results - you can appear at the top of Googel for your most important keywords within a matter of minutes! However, it's not that simple - it takes time to refine a campaign to make it profitable, and you have to pay for every click, indefinitely. It's great in the short term, but over the long run it's more expensive than SEO.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Again, the optimal approach for most businesses is to run both SEO and Google Ads at the same time - but every business is different, and requires custom analysis to determine the approach that will fit best based on size, goals, growth rate and budget. If you'd like to discuss your search marketing strategy with us, go ahead and fill in the form or give us a call on 0800 333 266.

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Cut Advertising Costs

Before starting a Search Engine Optimisation campaign, it's important to establish where your site currently stands and what your goals are for the future. While some companies charge north of $1000 just for an SEO audit, we provide this service for free - contact us below to claim yours now.

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