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Press Releases and Their Benefits to Your SEO Profile

Press releases should already be a core part of any marketing campaign, whether it’s online or offline. But did you know that a well-executed online PR strategy can also have a positive impact on your SEO profile, and drive qualified traffic to your site? This is a key tool in any online marketer’s arsenal, but in order to reap the rewards and avoid the dreaded risk of penalisation from Google, you need to make sure that it’s delivered in a strategic manner. First, let’s take a look at the benefits of a PR campaign…

Online Public Relations – The Human Element

In some senses, an online media release strategy is no different to one that takes place offline. Select a strong portfolio of industry-relevant, reputable media outlets and you instantly increase your online audience by exposing your business to their readers. The more people you have talking about your company, the more customers and clients you will have interested in your products or services. So how does this tie in with your SEO campaign?

The trick is to insert clickable links into your press release that lead back to your website. When your press release is published on a PR site, their readers will click the link to your website, therefore increasing your referral traffic.

The links will also have a knock-on effect, improving your rankings for relevant keywords and increasing your organic traffic in turn (inbound links are a big ranking factor in Google’s algorithm). The key to improving your rankings is to insert the links and use relevant keywords and associated phrases into the text of those links. This helps boost your rankings for relevant keywords on Google.

Press Releases as a Link-Building Tool

The secondary benefit to a thoroughly planned PR campaign is that it acts as a link-building tool. By having a portfolio of strong, well-respected websites linking to you via your press releases, you demonstrate to Google that you are a reputable, valued online source.

Once again, the advantage is that you will see increased website rankings and a resulting increase in organic traffic. This is why it is fundamental that you make sure that the anchor texts in your press releases contain highly relevant keywords to your business; keywords that you want to rank for.

The Challenge

Of course, as is always the case with SEO, it’s never quite that simple and you need to be well-informed before embarking on such a campaign. It’s essential that your portfolio of news outlets contains only reputable resources highly relevant to your industry. There are a lot of low-quality PR sites out there acting as linking farms and if Google thinks that you’re just sending PRs to these websites in order to artificially enhance your linking profile, you may get penalised. Make sure that you choose your resources carefully and that you only publish content that will (as is always the rule) provide genuine value to your readers.

You may have heard of sites such as PRWeb that offer link-building services. These can be useful but should be used with caution – make sure you choose someone who understands your industry and find out exactly where your articles are being published because some of these sites do have a tendency to send your content to low quality websites.

If you’re looking for an online PR company that can understand your business and help you with your NZ press releases, then don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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