Quality Website Traffic: What It Is and How to Get It

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Getting website traffic can be a big challenge for any business – so if you’re struggling to get traffic, what steps can you take to change that? There are a numbers of way to increase web traffic, but it’s important to bear in mind that it’s more than just a numbers game.

Not All Traffic is Created Equal

As you strive to get more web traffic, your focus should be on quality, not just quantity. Obviously, the more visitors you can get, generally speaking, the better. But if you’re spending money to drive traffic, you want to make sure you actually get quality traffic – that means people who might actually want to buy what you’re selling.

At the end of the day, getting visits from people who don’t have the budget for your products, aren’t interested in your products or simply don’t want to spend money is a waste of time. You can reduce your traffic driving spend and improve ROI by taking a more focused approach to generating traffic.

Targeted and Qualified Traffic

The first step is to ensure you only focus on targeted traffic. In the context of search marketing, that means doing the keyword research required to know what your target market is really searching for. Don’t guess on this – the actual search volumes for terms related to your market may surprise you. Keyword research requires a lot of expertise so it’s worth your while to invest in some help. We include keyword research as part of our ongoing ranking packages.

Qualified traffic is also important – that means traffic which actually can and may want to buy what you’re selling. Again, if you’re spending money to generate search traffic but you end up getting lots of visits from people looking for freebies or without the income to afford your prices, that traffic-driving spend will be wasted. Again, this comes back to understanding your target market and being selective with keywords you target.

In search engine optimisation there’s we use the term ‘commercial intent’ to describe whether a searcher might be looking to buy something or not. For example, a search phrase like ‘free calendars’ would have little to no commercial intent. By contrast, a search like ‘buy 2012 calendar’ has a high commercial intent, because the inclusion of the word ‘buy’ indicates the searcher has already decided to spend money.

Traffic Cost and Free Traffic

Even if you are successfully driving website traffic and making sales, it’s important to closely monitor which traffic sources are contributing to your bottom line. You may find that while you’re spending thousands on Google Adwords every month, most of your online sales actually come from organic, non-paid search traffic.

In this case you would cut back or stop Adwords and funnel that money into search engine optimisation – in other words, focus on your strengths. But identifying your strengths requires you to keep track of conversions and analytics data effectively, so you know the cost of each visitor from each traffic source, and how many of those visitors are actually converting (along with the profit you make from each conversion).

How to Increase Traffic

As already mentioned, there are many ways you can generate web traffic, but let’s focus on the biggest traffic sources.

Search engines are obviously a major source, with approximately two-thirds of all website visits on average originating from a search engine. Of the major search engines, Google accounts for approximately 80% of all searches, so they should be at the core of your strategy.

There are two ways to generate visitors through Google search: organic (natural) rankings, and Pay Per Click ads (Google Adwords). Adwords can provide instant traffic, but it can end up being a big waste of money if your campaign doesn’t convert well. Effective Adwords campaigns requires a high-conversion landing page, highly targeted keyword research and well-written ads which qualify prospects before they click on the ad. This helps ensure only real potential buyers land on your site and you’re able to convert a high percentage.

Natural or organic listings are achieved through search engine optimisation, which is the core of our service at Premium SEO NZ. SEO traffic is less instant than Adwords, as it can take several weeks or months to rank for target keywords. The major benefit, though, is that you don’t have to pay for each and every click, allowing for much better returns on investment from SEO than from PPC, especially over the long term.

Social media, particularly Facebook, can also provide significant traffic. Facebook also offers Pay Per Click advertising, which has similar advantages and downsides to Google Adwords. You can also generate traffic through viral marketing strategies via social media, although getting your marketing to ‘go viral’ is something of a hit-and-miss, unpredictable process.

Website Advertising and Website Promotion

At Premium SEO NZ we combine the power of PPC, SEO and sales optimisation to drive quality, targeted traffic to your site and help you get a good return on your website promotion investment. Let us handle your website advertising and SEO to develop cost-effective traffic driving strategies that lead to increased sales.

Call Tom on 0221330298 or contact us now for a free website analysis.

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