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Applying SEO to your Christchurch business can give you a big advantage over the competition. By making your business more visible in search than your competitors, you’ll not only expose yourself to a wider number of potential customers on a daily basis – you’ll also build trust and credibility as one of the leaders in your market.

Why Use SEO?

Search engine optimisation is about getting targeted visitors to your website from search engines without having to pay for clicks. It’s easy enough to sign up for Google Adwords and start buying traffic to your website – but the reality is, that isn’t a very cost effective way of operating.

In fact, consider this: about 85% of the money spent every year on search engine marketing goes on buying Pay Per Click ads. Yet for any given search, fewer than 15% of searchers will click an ad. The lion’s share of traffic goes to the free listings.

Not only do the organic search results get more clicks, they are also generally seen as more trustworthy than paid ads. As a result, they tend to convert into sales better.

High Conversion Local Terms

SEO Christchurch

Being found for location-specific terms (eg, ‘fendalton florist’) is extremely valuable. In most cases, someone searching for a specific type of business or product locally has already made a decision to make a purchase. They just haven’t decided who to buy from. By ensuring your website comes up at the top of search results, you can pick up some easy sales from people who are already eager to buy, but just haven’t decided who the best provider is. (By showing up on Page 1, you will automatically be seen as one of the best providers in your market – that’s the psychology of high rankings!)

At Premium SEO, our goal is not only to get our clients ranking well – it’s to help establish them as the ‘go-to’ provider in their region and market. We strive to be Number 1 in everything we do, and we make the same commitment to our clients.

Contact us today for a free SEO audit of your website and our expert recommendations on the best SEO strategy for your Christchurch business.

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Tom McSherry is the founder and chief strategist of Premium SEO NZ. Tom has been in the digital marketing industry for 8 years providing digital copywriting and optimisation services to businesses in New Zealand and around the world. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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