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Premium SEO Packages & Pricing

Looking for SEO packages that drive an amazing ROI? We work with every client to determine which package makes financial sense based on the potential upside for their business.

If you think most SEO packages in NZ seem like a rip-off - you'd be right. Unfortunately, many SEO companies sign clients up for 12 month contracts... and then sit back and do nothing.

At Premium we do things differently - before we ever sign you up, we'll run through some questions and calculations to make sure SEO is actually the solution you need. Then we work out the best package for you based on the search volumes around your products and services, then competition levels, and where you make your profits. This ensures your spend is focused in the areas most likely to produce a return.

All of our SEO packages involve...

  • No term contracts (though we recommend a minimum commitment of 3 months to see results
  • No setup fees
  • Creation of a master keyword list

  • The number of keywords per package is the number we will work on at any given time - but you will have a much larger 'master keyword list' as well.

    We focus resources on the highest-yield keywords first, based on our analysis of your business, and then move to the next-best keywords as you rank. This speeds up results and helps you see a positive ROI earlier in the campaign.

    One-Time Packages

    Yes, we can also do one-time packages for new businesses with new websites, starting from $500 + GST.

    However, bear in mind that SEO only tends to be effective when done over a reasonable period of time. This is because is order to see major traffic, you need page 1 rankings, and often top 3 rankings, in order to get any real volume. Moving from Page 8 to Page 2 may sound nice, but it will make no difference to your traffic!

    SEO is often not the best starting point for new businesses - you may be better to focus on AdWords or other marketing first until you have enough revenue to set aside an SEO budget.

    Effective Web Development Solutions

    Our Standard Monthly SEO Packages


    Mini - $450/month - 3 keywords


    Starter - $600/month - 5 keywords


    Pro - $900/month - 8 keywords


    Competitor - $1200/month - 12 keywords


    Takeover - $1800/month - 20 keywords


    Custom SEO Packages - For international, large national and highly competitive local campaigns, a custom package may be required. Please contact us if you think you will need a custom package.


    SEO and SEM Packages - ask us about managing your SEO and Google AdWords together.

    Achieve Top Rankings

    Boost Online Visibility

    Jump Ahead of Competitors

    Cut Advertising Costs

    Before starting a Search Engine Optimisation campaign, it's important to establish where your site currently stands and what your goals are for the future. While some companies charge north of $1000 just for an SEO audit, we provide this service for free - contact us below to claim yours now.

    Tell us about your goals

    Achieve better digital marketing results for your Auckland business - contact us now

    Find out more about SEO for your Auckland business, or enquire about how our other website marketing services can improve your online results. Fill out the form to claim your free website audit now.


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