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Video Marketing Strategy Demystified

Internet video marketing has exploded in terms of usage and reach in the last five years, but many businesses remain in the dark about how to make use of video media to grow their exposure and sales online. Here we’re going to break down exactly how web video can be beneficial to every business, and how you can take advantage of it.

Web Video for Traffic

When you think of search engines, you probably first think of names like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But there’s another big search engine out there: Youtube. Youtube officially announced in 2012 that their video view total exceeds 3 billion views a day across the entire site.

That’s a lot of users watching a lot of videos every day – and that represents an opportunity for businesses. Just as Google indexes website content, you can use Youtube to spread video content and reach your target customers.

Just as web pages can be optimised for search, Youtube videos can also be optimised so they rank highly on Youtube itself and also appear within Google’s normal search results.

Promo Video for Conversion

While driving traffic via Youtube and other video sites can broaden the number and type of potential customers you reach, video’s biggest strength is its ability to engage on a personal level with website visitors and ultimately persuade them to give your products a try.

The statistics on this are hard to argue with. Conversion rate increases of 50% after adding video to a website are not uncommon – even increases of 400% are not unheard of. Stop and consider what an instant 400% increase in sales from the same amount of traffic would mean in terms of profit. Then consider that higher conversion rate, combine with an extra 50% or 100% increase in traffic from search engine optimisation.

This is exactly why we offer both SEO and video marketing services – they combine to create much more significant sales increases than you would get if you just did one or the other. It’s also why we offer a money back guarantee on our videos if they don’t increase your conversions – because they boost conversion virtually every time.

Corporate Video Production

In the case of corporate video, the goal may not be to generate website traffic or make a direct sale to a new website visitor. It may simply be to explain new products or processes to existing clients, or to teach employees how to use new technology.

In addition to creating sales videos according to our proven persuasion formula, we can create useful and informative corporate videos for a variety of purposes.

Give Tom a call on 0221330298 or send us an email to discuss your video marketing needs.

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Tom McSherry is the founder and chief strategist of Premium SEO NZ. Tom has been in the digital marketing industry for 8 years providing digital copywriting and optimisation services to businesses in New Zealand and around the world. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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