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The Premium SEO Difference

  1. No term contracts, no setup fees. Our philosophy is simple: make it affordable to start a campaign, produce results, and allow clients to reinvest their profits to keep the campaign rolling. There’s no need for lock-in contracts when the results are this good.
  2. We sell on track record, not pressure. We have no expensive offices, no flash cars, no business development team. We don’t do any outbound selling. We get clients by practising what we preach. We eat our own cooking.
  3. How we do our SEO is how we do your SEO. Many SEO agencies rank their own website using a strategy they physically can’t replicate for clients – this is why even agencies with great rankings themselves can’t always produce a result for you.
  4. Forever clients. We are not interested in the ‘churn and burn’ business model so common in this industry. Our goal is to keep every client we take on forever.
  5. Monthly SEO management pricing set for ROI. It’s one thing to get rankings – it’s another thing to get rankings in a cost-effective way that actually makes clients a profit. We will not sell you a package so expensive that you can never possibly break even.
  6. Real veteran SEO specialist expertise on every account. We don’t hand over the strategy and management of your account to junior employee. Every client’s strategy is hand-designed by the founder and owner of Premium SEO.

No Fluff, No Hype – Just Consistent Positive Results

A lot of SEO companies in NZ like to beat their chests and make big claims. That’s not our style. We say: put your money where your mouth is. We say: let the results do the talking. From small business local SEO, to SMEs, to enterprise level projects – we get the rankings, time and time again. Work with the digital marketing agency that eats its own cooking.

Case Studies & Results

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. The proof is in the pudding and the best way to show you we’re different, to every other “SEO expert” you’ve used in the past, is simply to show you the game changing results we’ve achieved so far.

Able Spaces
The Problem

Like many clients, Able Spaces were already with another agency when they came to us, but hadn’t been experiencing the results they were looking for. With some strong competition on both organic rankings and Google Ads, we needed to develop a smarter approach to ensure their budget was being allocated in the most intelligent way possible.

They needed a strategy that would be balanced across short and long time frames, driving quick sales from ads and easier organic rankings while also building up long term volume from higher volume organic keywords.

Our Solution

We began by developing a comprehensive target keyword list in order to identify areas for potential ‘quick wins’ on the organic rankings. We knew their main keyword would be tough to rank for, requiring at least 6 months of work, so we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket, instead working on keywords that looked more easily winnable first in order to begin driving revenue so that the campaign could self-fund. We also corrected issues with the conversion tracking of the existing Google Ads campaign and began to filter and optimise to lower the average cost-per-conversion, helping to drive immediate results while the organic rankings built up.

Our Results

Increase in New Users from Organic Search


Increase in Organic Conversions


For main keyword – 2400 searches/month

Sunstream Saunas
The Problem

After successfully taking over their market in NZ Sun Stream were looking to shift their focus to Australia. With a new website ready to launch and some reasonable page 2 rankings at the beginning of the campaign, they needed a nudge to get their rankings into the lucrative top 5 positions that drive the lion’s share of online conversions.

Our Solution

After thorough keyword research and re-optimisation of the existing website content, we set about executing a strategy designed to give them ‘full saturation’ in Australia – allowing them to rank well not only for national keywords but also for variations of their product terms plus city names for every major target city in Australia. Having knocked off several important #1 rankings early in the campaign for their first set of target keywords we are now climbing the city rankings in order to further expand organic volumes.

Our Results

Increase in New Users from Organic Search


Increase in Organic Conversions

Page 1

For main keyword – 9900 searches/month

Epic Rentals
The Problem

Epic came to us as a young startup with a particularly difficult challenge: taking over the search results in a market where we would need to compete with established names like Hertz, VroomVroomVroom and Avis. These keywords would take time and money to rank for, but this early stage company needed cashflow quickly as well, so the strategy was split roughly 50/50 between SEO and Google Ads.

Our Solution

We set to work engineering the perfect link profile through an in-depth analysis of half a dozen organic SEO competitors. This allowed us to transform the site from the new kid on the block into the most authoritative site in the local car rental market, ranking #1 on competitive terms ahead of major corporates with big SEO budgets. We simultaneously used insights from Google Ads conversion data to whittle down the cost-per-conversion of paid search traffic, helping to keep cash flowing in for the short term while the organic rankings built up.

Our Results

Increase in New Users from Organic Search


Increase in Organic Conversions


For main keyword, outranking major corporate competitors

Boost Google Rankings.
Sell More Online.

Take Over First Page Google Rankings

Sick and tired of seeing your competitors at the top of Google rankings, while you’re stuck back on Page 4, 5 or beyond?

This is especially painful if you’re already paying an SEO agency to rank you – and nothing is happening. Our SEO services are designed to solve that problem once and for all.

Premium is an SEO company in NZ with a proven track record of achieving top 5 rankings for competitive keywords.

  • Qualified, targeted customers coming to you on autopilot
  • Save time and cut stress – a complete “done for you” package
  • Build the online presence and results your business deserves.

The Smart, ROI-Focused, Full Service AdWords And SEO Agency For NZ Businesses

  • Strategy-Driven SEO Services

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Smart Google Ads Management

  • CRM and Marketing Automation

Smarter, Leaner SEO Services for
NZ Business

Premium is a business that grew from humble beginnings – there were no wealthy backers, no seed capital, and certainly no fat salaries (maybe this brings back memories!). We built up from zero on grit, determination and smart strategy, and this has given us a grass roots education in making every dollar count. Unlike many SEO agencies we built our client base on punching above our weight in the search rankings and practising what we preach – not pursuing aggressive outbound sales tactics.

The end result is a lean, mean SEO service for NZ businesses that knows how to make every dollar count. We know there’s no room for waste in an SEO marketing budget, from burgeoning start-up through to publicly listed corporate. With Premium you’re getting an SEO service that has been thought through, tested, torn up, blown apart and put back together again – and most importantly, we do your SEO exactly how we do our own.

What Our Clients Says

“We have been using Premium SEO services for our online marketing for the past couple of years and we are very happy with the results they have achieved for our business. This month just gone has been our best month to date.”

Sandra Jelliman
Rock Solid Plastering

“I have employed the services of Tom McSherry at Premium SEO on 2 websites in 2 different counties over the last 3+ years and have found him to be a pleasure to deal with. Myself being in the construction game in Christchurch and Gold Coast he let me know how much per month and how long it could take to get a higher ranking on my website. He delivered on this and as a result I have been on page 1 on my desired Google searches since and have never been short on jobs and leads as a result. Partnered along with some quality workmanship. Highly recommended.”

Adam James
Rock Solid Plastering

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work on my new business website. What a great job. I really rate your work a 5 star service. The communication was fantastic and the attention to detail was immaculate – couldn’t ask for more, so thank you. You don’t do a good job, you do a GREAT job!”

Patrick Greig
Local’s Choice Cleaners

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