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Welcome to Premium SEO NZ. We Do Simple, Effective, ROI-Focused Search Engine Optimisation for New Zealand Businesses.


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Why do New Zealand SEO companies have to make your life so complicated? You want an SEO service that can rank you on Google for your most important keywords. You want a search engine optimisation expert who can drive search engine traffic and convert visitors into paying customers. You want a tried and true SEO specialist, not a "jack of all trades" digital marketing agency. And you want to hit your business goals without paying a small fortune to hear a "digital marketing consultant" spit ten dollar words at you for no visible return.


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Boost Google Rankings. Sell More Online.

Guaranteed SEO for NZ Businesses

Keyword research, digital marketing strategy, SEO copywriting, inbound links - we cover the whole process. Our proven SEO for NZ businesses will deliver a guaranteed ranking increase on Google for your most important target keywords.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Driving traffic to a site that doesn't convert visitors into buyers is a waste of your precious marketing spend. Optimising your conversion rate is a force multiplier for online marketing success - it increases the ROI on every dollar you spend driving traffic to your website.

Google Adwords Optimisation

Google Adwords allows you to drive instant, targeted, qualified search traffic to your website. The Pay Per Click system means you only pay when a user visits your site - and conversion tracking lets you see exactly how much each visitor generates in sales.

Professional SEO services

Dominate First Page Google Rankings

Sick and tired of seeing your competitors at the top of Google rankings, while you're stuck back on Page 4, 5 or beyond? Choosing us as your SEO company will give you a guaranteed ranking boost for your most important keywords, sending more targeted, qualified traffic to your site.

Qualified, targeted customers coming to you - every day

Save time and cut stress - a complete "done for you" package

Build the online presence and results your business deserves

More Than A Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Our Full Service Suite Covers Copywriting, Design, Video, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing

Trying to dominate a search phrase for your NZ local business? Or build a strong international search presence against tough competition? We'll find the best blend of high-traffic, winnable, "buyer keywords" - and then push your website to the top of Google (for the long run).

SEO copywriting is not just about rankings - it's about persuasion, converting visitors into buyers. Done well, copywriting and video can both be powerful tools for boosting rankings and achieving better conversion rates at the same time.

A good inbound link profile is absolutely crucial to ranking for tough keywords - and it's the part most SEO companies do completely wrong. Good link building will get you to Page 1. Bad link building will get your website penalised - so be careful!

Google Adwords is one of the fastest ways to drive targeted, qualified traffic to your website quickly. A great Adwords campaign will multiply every dollar you put into it. Ask us about other Pay Per Click options, like Facebook advertising and Linkedin ads.

We won't let you waste time and money sending traffic to a website that doesn't convert. We build websites that are mobile friendly, professional and primed to rank and convert visitors right from the get-go.

Email marketing campaigns are a powerful way to build relationships, nurture leads and increase lifetime customer value. We'll help you set up your email list, autoresponders and sales conversion funnel.