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Struggling with your SEO in Christchurch? We are a local SEO company and we can help you achieve the kind of rankings and traffic you’re aiming for.

Keyword research and selection is the first key element of a successful Christchurch SEO campaign – after all, there’s no point targeting keywords that no one is actually searching for. Competition research also plays a big part in getting things right at the beginning. We start by looking at your best target keywords and assessing competition levels to decide which ones are worth going after – and how much we’ll need to dedicate in terms of resources to get your ranking on page one.

From there we move to on-page optimisation – this is all about taking those target keywords and putting them in the right places on your website, like Titles, Descriptions and Headlines. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what those are – we take care of it all behind the scenes).
After that, you’ll start to see some improvements in your rankings, but there’s one more step: off-page optimisation. This is all about building powerful inbound links in to your website. Without an ongoing inbound linking strategy, you’ll struggle to get your Christchurch business ranking near the top of Google for your most competitive (and profitable) keywords.
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Beyond search engine optimisation, we can help with a wide range of digital marketing services in Christchurch including social media marketing, web design and content marketing. Just drop us a line for your free website audit to find out how we can help you achieve better results online.

The foundation of a successful Christchurch Search Engine Optimisation campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. While some companies charge upwards of $1000 for this alone, we’ll audit your site and provide suggestions for FREE.

Work with a Top SEO Agency

Do you want your site to appear high up in the search engine results and get more targeted website visitors? Contact us today and work with the SEO experts who can make it happen.

Our SEO team knows what it takes to get results in a competitive market. We provide high- quality search engine optimisation services to our clients in a wide range of businesses. Work with us to increase your organic search visibility and regularly get in front of the people looking for the products or services you provide.

Contact us today, and let’s start discussing your SEO strategy.

Why Work with an SEO Company?
Carrying out regular and effective search engine optimization is essential for any business that needs more visibility online.

Web pages with good search engine rankings show up at the top of the SERPs when a person types in a relevant search query and Google’s algorithm determines which pages are most relevant and important.

You want your site to be right at the top for your most important terms to generate more clicks. Getting to the top of the first page means you can expect far more targeted traffic, sending a constant stream of potential customers to your site.

Organic traffic is one of the best ways to get new leads, conversions and customers, so let us help you with our powerful and targeted SEO campaigns.

Key SEO Services
When you work with us to boost your site’s visibility in search, we employ a wide range of proven strategies to get results fast.

First of all, we’ll carry out a free website audit to get a clear idea about the position your site is currently in and what action we need to take to get it ranking.

Our comprehensive SEO work then includes a range of techniques including keyword research and creating optimised website content using targeted search terms. If you need more backlinks, we will create a winning link-building strategy. We also carry out technical SEO work like increasing your website’s loading speed to upgrade the user experience.

Essentially, we will do everything it takes to get your site the visibility it needs in the search results to boost traffic, leads and sales.

Other Digital Marketing Services
As well as helping customers with their SEO, we also provide other services. These include launching a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, and running Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns.

Alongside SEO, these services will help to boost your overall online presence so you can dominate your niche.

Local SEO and More
We provide both local SEO and standard SEO services for businesses of all sizes. Wherever you are located, whether in the Canterbury region or elsewher in New Zealand, we can run a local search strategy to boost the number of local customers finding your business online.

You may have an ecommerce store, run a small business online or even operate a national organisation. Whatever you need, we will help you with your SEO and provide measurable results so you know exactly how effective your campaign is.

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